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Creating a Project in nTask

Whether you’re a startup working with a small team, part of a growing business with multiple teams, or simply someone with several projects at hand, you're likely to fall victim to mishandling of projects at some point over the course of time.  

It's a known fact that improper project management can result in drastic consequences, but fear not, because nTask takes the burden off your plate and makes life easier for you. With nTask, project managers can handle and monitor multiple projects on the go with single click features.

Managing projects have never been easier. To create your first project, proceed as following:


  • Click on the + button at the top of your task board and select Project. The Add Project window will pop up.
  • Type in your Project Name.
  • Choose a Task. You can choose and add a Task later to a Project as well.
  • Click Create Project

Wasn’t that easy?


If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on We’d be happy to assist!

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