How to Import Tasks into nTask

How to Import Tasks into nTask

So, your team has finally transferred its data to nTask but you still have some data and lists over in Excel. This article shows you how to import/export the rest of your data from Excel to nTask or vice versa.

You can export your Tasks in the form of an excel file by clicking on the double arrow icon shown in the screenshot.

  1. Download the template file.
  2. After downloading the template file, open it and just click on the "Enable Editing" Tab on the top.

Simply enter your data according to the format already given in the downloaded excel file. This format includes multiple columns like Dates, Task Description, Task title, etc. 
After entering data, again click on Import/Export button and attach the file to import it into nTask.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at We’d be happy to assist!

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