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Ability to set task creation date

Users should be able to set and edit task start date in nTask.

Suggestion received by: Pongastorn

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Yes please, this would be very helpful 

Hi, Gantt chart without start dates won't be accurate as some tasks have dependencies on others and can only start when another has finished etc.  The ability to set a task start date is really important. Please keep us updated on how this is going. Thank you for all your wonderful work


Thank you so much for this suggestion. 

We'll be introducing start dates along with the task dependencies in our most awaited update yet - the nTask 2.0 (beta). The beta will be released very soon. I'll be sure to ping you back soon as the beta is released. 

What other features would you want to see in the upcoming beta? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you. 

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