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Adding scenarios to task dependencies

Hi, I’m a self employed florist and have started using nTask to track my wedding work. I have a project for each customer. Every project is essentially the same so I have a “master” project which I am duplicating for each customer. Certain things have to happen at set points during each project, for example a final invoice issued 8 weeks before the wedding day. Is there a way of setting it up so there is less date entry for me so that if the wedding date is x, then the system knows that y must happen 8 weeks prior and schedules it in for me? Or am I asking too much!! :blush: it’s just lots of duplication for me! Thanks

Suggested by: Emily

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I'm trying to use nTask for process management, where a process goes through multiple stages of tasks and approvals - without task dependencies this is really difficult to control and organize. This feature would be super helpful!

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I'm currently looking to maybe migrating from Basecamp to nTask before yearly renewal coming soon with Basecamp....

I was referred to nTask because of the "Gantt Char" feature and the task dependencies that it should allow to create but unfortunately, I was told that it's in the work....

What we need is to be able to link task together where Task #2 cannot start before Task #1 is finished and so on so if any task is postpone, we can see the impact on the end date of the entire project..

Can you please give an ETA for that functionality?

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Dependencies on start dates are a critical feature for our implementation of nTask, and I cannot justify moving to it until it is available. 

We are introducing start dates and task dependencies (along with interactive Gantt charts) in our upcoming nTask 2.0 beta release. The update will be available in February :).


Josh Nicholson

nTask Customer Support

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I saw task dependencies somewhere as a feature of nTask which is why I signed up, but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. Is this feature available yet?

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Also looking for interactive gantt and dependencies!!  Is there a new ETA on this update?

Similarly here. I was promised dependencies, named labels (rather than just colours) and other features in the 2.0 beta version. What is the exact date on this update guys? 

Also, is there something in the update regarding phone notifications? Highly appreciated!

Thanks so much in advance.

Josh you said february. but it is april. Any improvements?

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for joining the conversation.

Please note that nTask 2.0 (beta) is undergoing some final quality and assurance checks by the QA team. We're really excited about the beta and will be sure to notify you soon as it is released. We really appreciate your patience while we ensure the beta meets all quality standards in place.


Josh Nicholson

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Well, maybe your team needs a project management software. I know a good an free one. nTask. 

it lacks dependencies but, the team is working on 2.0(beta) so. why don't you give a try?


by the way. Can we give a try? as it is now in beta stage? Can we switch to it? 

Any more news on when the beta will be available to the general public? This system seems to meet all my needs, yet it seems like its been in beta for over half a year with no contact...

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