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Add a Reminder option or a Push notification

I would like nTask to have the ability of in-app notifications and reminders on tasks that are soon to be due, and meetings that are soon to take place. An email reminder should also be sent.

Suggested by: Ossie Furt

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Thanks so much for reaching out to us. 

You can easily set reminders with email alerts on the nTask Web app. 

Please follow these easy steps to set notification preferences in nTask web app.
  • Go to your Profile Icon.
  • Select Profile Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Account Preferences.
  • Finally, choose Notification Preferences

If you have any other questions, please feel free to route them to me at . I'd be more than happy to help.

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I just started my 14-day trial of nTask, a decent product with lots of features. But as Pepper suggested, an in-app reminder would be very useful, instead or in addition to email alerts. This request was echoed by Josh in 9 months ago. Yes we can sort tasks using filters (like filtered by planned due date) but it would be extremely helpful if we can manually set a reminder to a task or a project for any date/time. Thanks!

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i third, fourth, fifth, and sixth this request.  It seems redundant to move the work/collaboration out of email to a 3rd party platform, to only have the option to receive message notifications and reminders via email.

I would like to emplore the developers to add the in app notification and task reminder options for messages, upcoming tasks due, over due, etc. 

Agreed, I literally just downloaded this app and it's brilliant but I know for a fact that without a reminder function, none of my teammates will even bother going on the app to see if there's a task to be completed. It would be good to have other options as well as email since people aren't always looking at their emails either due to needless spam. Thanks for listening.
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