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Desktop client for Mac OS and Windows

I would like nTask to have an app for Mac OS and Windows PC.

Suggested by: Weizbauer

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A client application for MAC and Windows is a must for me and many other users.

Especially for people who have to work during flight.

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Thank you so much for reaching out to us with this suggestion. A desktop client sounds like a wonderful idea. I have forwarded your message to Product team. Our product team has reviewed this suggestion. They’ll look to incorporate this functionality in our coming updates.

Do you have any other suggestions or feature requests for our desktop clients?

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What's the status/timeline on a desktop version for OSX or Windows via the upcoming updates?

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This would be nice!


Thank you very much for your active participation. Our Product team will look to incorporate this feature in our future updates.

I see that it was about 2 years ago that the Product Team was going to look into incorporating a Desktop Client feature into your future updates.  Can you tell me when it looks like the future will arrive?  This is a "must-have" feature.  I would think it should have been "incorporated" by now.  PLEASE.

Is this available now?

Would really love this too, pretty please?

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I think indeed that this is a must-have feature.. I'm doubting to continue to use ntask manager if there won't be a desktop / macOS app in the near future...

Hi, I'm chiming in to check on this as well - working while travelling would be top notch and a big add on to your nice product :)

Hi, is there no one reading this thread? :)

This would be such a game changer to have, especially for time control.

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