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Add grouping to tasks

I want nTask to make the Checklist Items SMART (Specific Measurable Assignable Relevant Time-based) .

Having a Due date and Finished date on them would be super neato.

If we'd rather keep the Task/Checklist structure as is, can we instead implement a Phasing or Grouping of Tasks for Projects?


Project - Major Software Upgrade

Phase 1 : Server Allocation

Phase 1-1 : Gather Requirements

Phase 1-1-1 : Create Team of SME's (Checklist level)

Phase 1-1-2 : Find all Applications hitting server (Checklist level)

Phase 1-1-3 : Research each Application requirement (Checklist level)

Phase 1-2 : Decide on Server to meet needs

Phase 1-3: Purchase Server

Phase 2 : Environment Install

Phase 2-1 : Install new OS

Phase 2-2 : Install Office Suite

Phase 2-3 : Pull in User Suite

In that, I'd like to see on the Published Link only the Phases and their % complete (which by the way is super awesome), but then have the ability to drill into the phases to see the steps involved in the actual application, but I need SMART tasks to achieve so we are held accountable.

So Published would just show the high level, as those folks don't need to see my individual team tasks:


Phase 1 - Server Allocation - 50%

Phase 2 - Environment Install - 4%

I guess being able to Link Projects overall together into a Super Project would also work? Just trying to figure out the best way to show things like that. I think that 3 levels would be perfect and would be able to support 90% of all the Projects out there and provide a huge level of granularity.

Suggested by : Mat

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