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Project Portfolio view

I would like to be able to view Gantt charts of all projects on one chart in nTask.

Suggested by : Nathan

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It would also help to be able to export this to a PDF Report with via useful filters


Thanks so much for these great recommendations. 

Our most awaited update - the nTask 2.0 (beta) - will introduce a completely new Gantt experience. We do not offer portfolio Gantt views in nTask.

nTask 2.0 (beta) will also give users the ability to export Gantt charts into other file formats.

What other features would you like the upcoming beta to have? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you guys. 

How does one find out if the feature has been rolled out? 

I see this thread and a number of other on feature requests, but I don't see any subsequent information.


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