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Default due date for tasks

Hello, I noticed that all my tasks are defaulted to be +3 days out for the default due date. I would like nTask to allow me to choose a default due date for my tasks. 

Suggested by: Nattha

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I am also having issues with my due dates changing.  

Example: Put in due date of March 31, 2019.  Later that day I will notice that the due date has slipped +1 day to April 1, 2019.  I have actually seen it change up to +3 days.

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I am having date issues as well.

Same here. It changes every time that I will check a new task. 


Hope all of you are doing well. Thanks so much for reaching out to us with this great suggestion. once the beta is released, we will introduce option to set custom default due dates or no due dates at all. 

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I would prefer for the default due date to skip weekend days so it won't set the default due date to a Sat or Sun. Will this be part of the update?

Please don't remove due dates!!!    

Thank you very much everyone for their suggestion and valued feedback, this helps us make nTask a better experience for the end-user(s) like yourself. With the release of our latest update nTask 2.0 (beta), custom default set due dates feature will be available or no due dates at all depending on the user. The due dates will NOT be removed completely as a feature.

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Hi Josh, when will this feature be available?  How do I change the default due date setting?  Thanks!

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