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Add subtasks to tasks in nTask

I would like subtasks to be added to the tasks in nTask.

Suggested by : Maxim

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I agree. Projects have stages, tasks and subtasks. This features is useful when focusing on activities for 1 area of the project and I am surprised that its over a year since the suggestion was put forward. Thank you.

When is this Planned for?

I now Sub Tasks exists now, but seems not well supported.  You have to know to go to the pop-up project view, and then "Add More" and the "SubTask". The help text there says "select or add new" but I don't know how to select an existing task and assign it as a sub task. 

On the detailed task view, there isn't a way to make a sub-task like there is on the pop up view (it is kind of annoying that there are two different views that each have features the other doesn't)

The new "Board" view does a nice job of showing sub tasks with a way to hide them, but I can't make a sub task there, or turn an existing task into a subtask. 

I found an interesting feature where you can convert a comment from a task to a task of its own, but sub-tasks. isn't an option there even though that would seem to be a good use.

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