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Checklist Deadlines

Being able to set deadlines for checklist items would be a huge help.

It's something I see a lot of people asking for in Trello too.

I use tasks as more like major milestones in a project and the individual tasks are often broken into checklist items - noting the deadlines for these small steps would be a huge help to me and I have to imagine other users as well.

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I usually write/put myself the due date at the very beginning of the task name itself, that's why it's important -for me- nTask allows long task names. I use my custom date format delimited by curly brackets {YYYY-MM-DD} making it easy to notice. Therefore, it would be nice to allow to sort the task list by names alphabetically.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks so much for the wonderful suggestion. Unfortunately this is not available in present app.

I have already forwarded your suggestion to our Product team. They’ll review it and see how we can cater to your requirement for due dates on individual checklist items in our future updates.

Please feel free to comment if you have any other suggestion. We'd love to hear from you. 

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