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Hide completed tasks?

 Hi, is there a way to automatically hide completed tasks? When I complete a task, I don't really need to see it anymore. I saw that I can Archive the task, but is that the only way to hide them? I'm using nTask as pretty much a to-do list, so when I mark something complete, it's no longer an active item I need to worry about.

Just thought I'd ask in case there's a setting somewhere I'm missing. Thanks!

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The 'hide completed tasks' feature is now available on nTask 2.0. To have an overview on how to hide check out this article

I agree. We need to be able to suppress completed tasks. In the Business edition, a filter to hide completed tasks may be a practical workaround but in the Premium subscription, it is not. In the Premium subscription, Filters cannot be saved.

A simple "Suppress Completed?" checkbox would be ideal.

I've set a filter to hide completed tasks - works pretty well. But agree they should be automatically archived once completed, having to set a filter is a lame workaround

I'd like to see this option added to. There should be a way to have Completed tasks hidden away once they are done similar to Google Tasks - this seems like Task Management 101.

It's been quite a while since you all have responded. Is there any chance we are getting this feature?

Hi Josh any update on this? Or if there is a way to bulk archive (sort all completed and canceled tasks then archive those) that would work great too. 

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Thanks so much for reaching out to us. 

Unfortunately, we do not have this functionality at present. However, this is a great recommendation. We’ll review your suggestion and see if we can make it available in our future updates.

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