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Changing workspaces in the mobile version.

  It seems that there is no option to switch from your "default" workspace to a different workspace.

Is that intentional? if not, when will it appear in your app?

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Until this is developed, can we enter in the mobile app with a work-space we choose instead of the default?


I'm glad to hear from you.

Switching workspaces is very simple and easy in nTask. 

Please visit this how-to article to learn how to switch workspaces in nTask : 

Also, please note that at the moment our Android app does not support workspaces. We're working on an Android app update which will enable workspaces on the Android app. I'll be sure to ping you back soon as the Android app supporting workspaces is made available on the Play store. 

For now, we'd recommend you to use our web app to access any and all of your data. 

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