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issue with meeting view

I have found an issue that just drove me crazy for about an hour. I just created a meeting for next Monday, but for an hour couldn't figure out why I couldn't see it. I looked in my grid, I looked in my list, I made sure I was in the Meetings tab, and I even logged out and back in. Still couldn't see the meeting, even though I got an email it had been created. I even thought that there was a glitch in the system!

Finally, I figured it out. The only way to view upcoming meetings in the list or grid is by "today" "this week" or "this month". When I went to my calendar, I finally found the 8 copies of the same meeting I was trying to create. The 

The reason why? It is MAY 30th, and the meeting I was trying to create was on JUNE 3rd. Technically, June is not "this month", it's next month. So this means I can't see a list of all my meetings until the first of the month? THIS IS A MAJOR FLAW and honestly a stupid design. I might totally miss that I had a meeting - unless I went to "Calendar" AND THEN scrolled to the next month just to check. 

OVERALL: It shouldn't be that hard for me to see the meetings I have upcoming, just because I'm nearing the end of the month. ***There should be a place where ALL upcoming meetings are listed*** or even a "next week" view in addition to "today" "this week" and "this month". 

Hoping this makes sense. I was so frustrated that I started looking into other task managers.

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Just like with the listing of Upcoming Tasks, it would also make sense to list, in the opening Dashboard, the up meetings (3 - 5), which means that one should be able to see the next  3 to 5 meetings, whether they are due today or next month

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