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nTask 2.0


Do you have an ETA for when nTask 2.0 will be rolled out?

I tried to join the beta version, so far no luck (didn't get an invitation email after filling out the join in form).

Many of the new features in version 2.0 are essential (to me and many others) and I can't wait to use them... especially the Gantt chart related ones. It's quite a deal breaker not to be able to give a start date to a task for example, makes planning ahead very difficult and the project timeline confusing.

Sorry, it's not exactly a feature request, just didn't find more info about v2.0.



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Any info would be greatly appreciated, I've been seeing that it's coming for quite some time.

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Any news yet? I also require Gantt charts and dependencies in my workflow. It would be nice to get some info on when I can start using the system, even if it's still in beta.

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