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Issues since new update


Have other users have issues since the new update?

- Members invitation mails don't arrive

- Members can't join and see blank screen.

Support is slowly with response. 

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I lost all my data, it looks like my account was deleted and after I signed in I have a new fresh one.... ;(

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I lost all my data too!

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I also just lost all my data - this is ridiculous! Also not liking the new 2.0 UI compared to the old one.

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Lost access too. But my colleague still has access to our workspace. Work that one out!

Everything has disappeared, all tasks, all projects - like a brand new account when I log back in. What a crap upgrade...

Hello nTask, this problem has happened to me too and I haven't received a response from tech support.

Tom Gudgeon has an interesting contribution. I am going to have everyone else login.

I can login as another user of my account. That user does not have access to the workspace I need today. But this gives me hope. 

If ntask could respond on this thread or send an email, communicate with us,  it would be helpful for us all to know they are aware of the issue.

I received an email from them via a chat I sent saying my data was secure but I still haven’t been able to log back in and received no further update today. Since I have only been using this for a little over a week I’ve already moved on to Todoist.

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Glad to hear a user received a response. I am eager to access all of my workspaces. My hope grows. :)

Thank you Robert for this update.

Has anyone else heard from ntask? I still have not, I will post when/if I do.

No contact at all from ntask, not good enough. I've switched to another provider and am deleting my account with ntask. To lose all data and then hear nothing at all from tech support just isn't good enough. 

Also still no update from Support.

Which provider you switched to with similar interface as nTask?

I chose ClickUp - slightly different interface but I like it better actually.

Finally heard back - "I am sorry to hear you are facing trouble accessing your data on nTask 2.0. Rest assured, your data is safe with us and I'd personally ensure it is available to you on an urgent basis."

Except my data isn't available on an urgent basis!!! That's exactly the point.... Useless

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