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Issues since new update


Have other users have issues since the new update?

- Members invitation mails don't arrive

- Members can't join and see blank screen.

Support is slowly with response. 

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I lost all my data, it looks like my account was deleted and after I signed in I have a new fresh one.... ;(

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I lost all my data too!

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Hi Subzerodeluxe. We do have the same looking Tasks Panel... but the project name is located at the right end of each row... it is not missing from the row and replaced by the project number as I originally thought. Thank you for sharing your screenshot! 

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I also just lost all my data - this is ridiculous! Also not liking the new 2.0 UI compared to the old one.

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I received an email from them via a chat I sent saying my data was secure but I still haven’t been able to log back in and received no further update today. Since I have only been using this for a little over a week I’ve already moved on to Todoist.

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Hi All,

I was not able to post yesterday... however I am happy to report that my data has been accessible to me since yesterday at 3pm. Phew!

I don't think there was a response to the support pop-up window on the website, not that I can see. I did receive an email to inform me that the issue was resolved and that changes were made to ensure this would not be a repeat issue.

So glad to have access to everything again. Feels good.

Back to work for me!

Best of luck,


I received an email, here is what was said:

Task Board

The number you see associated with a Task is a Task ID that has been introduced in nTask 2.0. You may customize the columns and add the Project column in order to view the associated project for the task by following. Customize Columns is a sort of filter that can change the way your list of the elements i.e. Projects, Tasks, Meetings, Issues, Risks, is displayed to you. Every element has a number of constraints that can be selected to alter the list display.

You may customize the columns in the Task Board by following:

Click on the ellipsis (three-dots) right below the filter iconSelect or unselect the columns of your choice to view in the Task Board. You can view up to 6 columns at a time.

I have also attached a screenshot below for the reference.


We have introduced an advanced calendar in nTask 2.0. You'd have to choose a planned start/end date and/or an actual start/end date for your tasks in order to view them in the calendar view. You may also change the dates for a task in the calendar view using the drag & drop feature.

I hope this clarifies.

Time Entry

You may view the time logged for a task by clicking on the downward pointing arrow inside the timer as per the screenshot below

Please note that you may choose a start/end time as well for a task when choosing the start/end date. The timestamp is automatically logged soon as you have marked the checklist as completed. The checklist completion time does not reflect in the start/end time of the task.

(7.21 KB)

It's been more than a week since the upgrade and I still can't invite new members to my team. I am deeply frustrated, but no reply from nTask whatsoever. The level of amateurism is incredible. 

I found an interesting change in this new version. On the tasks panel, the NAME of the project assigned to each task has been replaced by a number. These numbers also show up elsewhere. However, on the task panel, seeing the project name is important. I do not know my projects by number, of course.

Can anyone confirm this is happening in their account?

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for reaching out to us and participating in the nTask forums.


Due to a glitch in the systems some of the accounts were unable to access their data— and  yours was one of those affected.

We released a patch to rectify the glitch and you should now be able to use the application without facing any issues. I’d request you to please refresh/re-log into your nTask account in order to see all of your data.

We understand how critical our platform is in the role of productivity enhancement platform, and have taken all the necessary measures in order to ensure something like this does not happen again.

We really appreciate your patience.

Please write us back at if you are still facing an issue and we'd be more than happy to help you.

@Nik Castronova
This is not the case in my tasks panel. 

Has anyone had this experience with a calender view in their Tasks Panel?

same here, They even not respond 

Lost access too. But my colleague still has access to our workspace. Work that one out!

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