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An overview with all tasks within a Team

An overview with all tasks within the Team. There should be a view where all tasks of an individual should appear from different workspaces as well.



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I agree. A thought I had was to have the top row have a "middle" button that would allow individuals to select themselves or anyone they "oversee", or admin to select anyone on the team and have just that persons tasks appear. Or something like that......


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I totally agree with this!

Id like to see an overview summary of all ongoing tasks I have without having to click through to each individual workspace just to see it. Ive got many workspaces so Tasks can accumulate quickly - I want to be able to see them all with a click of a button in one spot.

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Task overview across teams, projects, and workspaces is really critical for project managers. I'm surprised there isn't a way to do this.

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