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Few changes that can make a huge difference

1. when i click the Description textareas of the task, you convert it to rich text editor adding the toolbar with formatting options on top, but the input is not getting into active state, i have to click again, thats annoying to click twice when you need to quickly paste some short descritption of the task. Just always show the formatting bar and make the text area active from the first click

2. ability to paste the image from the clipboard (like asana has) with simple CMD V

3. preview the image

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It's the only reason I can't continue using nTask!
I'd love to have it ASAP...

Hopefully it will be ready soon!

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I was about to create a new "Feature request" but I found this thread and I agree with these previous comments...

  • Regarding Number 1 suggestion:

The hide/unhide effect of Rich Format Text options are simply annoying. Besides, I think would be more efficient (for me in my daily activities) to have the basic format buttons on the fly (with only 1 click action) and maybe put there at the right side, a Down-Arrow for extra format options.

  • Regarding suggestions 2 and 3, the ability to paste an image from the clipboard and allow me to see that as a preview is absolutely necessary, just the way Trello does.

unfortunately had to move back to asan.. UX is better which makes me more efficient 

Agree!!  We just created all team accounts in nTask...

But just this little (not in developing but in UX usage) feature is a huge deal for us!
We are probably going to use Asana as well...  Not happy about this... but can't find any other PM apps that have simple UX, timeline for the projects and all the important features for quick and productive collaboration!

nTask check most of these boxes...  but no preview is a dealbreaker!

If you have any idea about other similar apps I'd love to hear about them!

Thank you!

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