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1. SAVE - forced saving option (if not used than actual saving procedure kicks in)

2. Task Description should be locked for editing only for Owner and Admin status of added task members.

3. Open Task window has to refresh every 1-5 min or so in order to get all changes to variable values in it (should be highlighted by user made them as well) 

Suggested by:  Ghenadie

Your autosaving does not work if 2 ore more users have same task open... if one user make changes in Description, it won't be saved after this user closes this task ... that is one behavior that prove that SAVE button is critically needed!!!!!!!! Have lost again a lot of changes in task description just now!!!!!!!!

Or at least solve this issue... not saving when task opened by 2 or more users...  it is real bug in your app!!!!

That is really strange for me... I am showing a REAL BUG in the application and see no reaction at all! ... others are saying ' I'd like to see' or something like that, and you are taking that in consideration!!!!!!

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