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Buckets/Kanban board

Your support team said that this was coming - can you advise when?

I didn't see a place to provide feedback on newly release Boards, so I decided to extend this.  I think the boards themselves look great and seem nice to work with and quickly inspect. The main "Boards" page however doesn't show much and doesn't seem customizable. I think "Projects" view looks much better. Would be nice if I could just click on project there to go into board for that project.

I also didn't see how to add custom status for new columns on board as it was shown in the video, but I assume that will come on line in an update soon.

So I saw looking that the custom status is only for higher subscription level that I have. 

I did also realize on the board page, when you are viewing a specific board, that just to the right of th board/project name is an arrow that lets you search and jump between boards without going to that unappealing top level board page.

I could use some clarification on the difference between a "project" and a "board".  Here is what I noticed.

  1. If I make a new project it makes a matching board
  2. If I make a new board a new matching project is not made
  3. If I make a new board and then assign an unassigned task to that board, and then try to assign it to a project it gets taken off of the board.  So it doesn't appear that they are independent from each other.

Why didn't KanBan use a project in place of a board, or why wasn't "project" renamed. It feels a bit in limbo now on which I should use.

Ok, so correct to item 2 in my last post. I must not have refreshed or waited long enough. When I made a new board it did in fact make a new project. So it appears that "project" and "board" are interchangeable terminology in ntask.

Another thing I found, is that both projects and board have a "description" field but they are not connected. When make board and add a description I don't see that in project descriptino.

Colors also don't stay in sync

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