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Open Task from standard pop up project view

The timer is critical to how and why I use nTask. I like the new standard view I get of a project when I click the projects name in the "Projects" tab. There is however one issue. While I can see todos and start/end dates there isn't a way to start/stop the timer for this.

In the Gantt view this is done by clicking an icon next to a task that opens it up in pop up window with full functionality. The icon is like a square with arrow going to the to right. It would be nice to just let me start/stop time from the non-Gantt view or add that same icon either next to task name, or next to row of icons by "Priority/Link/Color/Copy/Archive/Delete"

I'd also like be able to auto/stop timer for one task when I start a new one, without having to actually go to the task I'm stopping. It is just an un-necessary step. I'm fine with a popup warning (another task is active cancel this or automatically stop the other task"

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