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Real time reporting


We have installed the trial version and we are testing your solution.

Generally we like NTask butwe need  more extensive reporting.

We would be interested to buy the licensing but first I need to know. Do you want to add or add an option:

Real-time "time logged" reporting for more than a week? in timesheet section? For any period?


At the moment it is possible to export Task with default columns to csv file like:

ID, task title, task description, checklists / to-do lists, task priority, task status, scheduled start date, Planned start time , Planned end date, Planned end time 


but there is no column with "time logged in" are you going to add this column?

It would let us  real-time tracking of a project, and that's crucial for us

information when settling projects.

One mnore thing:  Tasks and sub-tasks. Will it be possible to add up times of subtasks?

I am asking for a quick answer, I need a quick program selection for the project project.


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