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Colour coding, custom project orders, Document tab

Hello, I recently started using NTask after finding out that I have ADHD and deciding I needed a better strategy for project management. I wanted to provide some suggestions as people with ADHD often need more things in their visual field to aid memory and not lose where they were. Colour-coding and Gantt charts are particularly helpful in my experience.

Colour coding

In Tasks > List view, it would be nice if the project headers were the same colour as their board colour. The interface is currently very grey and this makes it hard to pick out headings. There is already a patch of colour to indicate status of the project e.g. not started, in progress. This means the status colour might clash with the board colour. To be honest given that you can see the status colour of individual tasks in this view, which I really appreciate, I don't think it's necessary to have the header have a status colour, but that's my opinion. You could give people the option to customise however works for them; personally I would just want the board colour.

In both list and grid view in Tasks and Projects (or anywhere that uses this feature), the band of colour could do with being thicker. Either double or triple thickness would make it easier to see.

Project orders

Being able to drag to change the order of Boards would also be great. My oldest boards are at the bottom but I use them the most frequently. In Tasks > List view, I have managed to get the Projects in the correct descending order by Grouping by Project and Sorting by ID, but if I added a new project and wanted it at the top, I suspect it would still be at the bottom due to having a later ID. So being able to drag or otherwise choose the order of projects in both these views would be helpful.


Currently I can only access the documents for a workspace on a project by project basis, clicking on a small icon in the project pop up window. Whilst this may be overwhelming for large workspaces with lots of documents, it would be helpful to have a Documents button on the same toolbar as Projects, Boards, Tasks, Meetings, etc, where you can search the documents of the entire workspace, or select a particular project once in the Documents pane. More routes to the same things means more efficiency.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope this is helpful :)

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