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Timesheet: Option to view time entries for a month

Currently, in the timesheet feature, you cannot view hours used in a project per. month, you can only view it weekly. So in order to know, how many hours you have used on a project this month, you have to go week by week in the timesheet feature, writing down hours spend per week and then ultimately adding the hours together,  so you know how many hours you have spent this month on a specific project. 

Can you add a feature, where you are able to view the timesheet for a whole month? Or at least just show "hours spend this month" or something :) 

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Why limit the time frame at all. At some point, you would want to be able to see all your hours spent on a project. And PM's would want to be able to see all hours for all resources for the entire project. 

The PMO would want to see all hours across all projects workspaces users etc. 

Date range selection would be good.

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