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Welcome! if you're someone who's looking for ways to simplify your tasks and want easy tracking of all the work ahead of you, you've come to the right space!
Optimizing your work (individual or group) has never been as simplified as it will now be with nTask, a simple to use application that provides a structured approach for all your project management needs.
Whether it is task management, team management, or even your daily routine management, get work done faster with nTask.
Increased productivity levels are now just a few steps away from you. 

Take your first step into the simplified world of nTask with our step-by-step walkthrough.

Core Features 

Let's begin with the basic features nTask comes with.

nTask is designed with an interactively simple interface consisting of fundamental elements like Tasks, Projects, Meetings and Timesheet as its basic structures. Work around with these elements to find more effective ways of getting things done.

The Taskboard

The Taskboard acts as a homepage providing a consolidated view of all your tasks, projects, meetings and reports. It gives you a comprehensive view of work completed and in progress. Features like priority level of tasks and the assigners of the task greatly helps in giving the users a holistic view.

Taskboard Views

In nTask, you can conveniently switch between three different views for quick and easy visibility of all your tasks. This makes the application highly user-friendly.

List View

Once the tasks are created, a clear and concise List view is generated by the application, that displays each task along with:

  • summary of task progress
  • its due date
  • number of attachments it has
  • number of comments
  • who it is assigned to

Grid View

Also known as the Single Glance View. The Grid view displays all the tasks in large wholesome boxes that aid the user to get a bird’s-eye-view of where each task is at any given point. The grid icon is one way to quickly figure out which tasks need your immediate attention and which tasks are at low priority at a given time.

Calendar View

Project management is impossible without proper day-to-day record management, hence the calendar view option. The calendar view provides you with a simplified view of each Task for a given month. It diminishes the need for users to peer into the nuances of a task in order to ascertain the due time. Users can assort calendar view according to Creation Date or Due Date, pertaining to their visibility needs.

Advanced Search

In a growing heap of tasks, it can be hard to keep track of each on-going, completed or overdue task on your fingertips. This is where nTask's advanced search option comes to the rescue!
nTask’s nifty search bar facilitates you to locate every task you've ever worked on. Type in the first name of the task, meeting, project, risk or issue you want to access, press enter, and voila! There you have the particular task you want to view.

Task Filters

Contrary to the popular belief, filters are not only for selfies. They're pretty important for project management too. In nTask, the user can apply the filter option to search for specific tasks by selecting from the following four criteria:

  • Task Project – Select the project to which a task may be linked to
  • Task Assignee – View tasks assigned to a specific team member
  • Task Priority – Filter out which task needs immediate attention, and which doesn’t
  • Task Status – View tasks based on which stage of a lifecycle they are at.

Save Task Filters

A bonus feature in task filters is saving the filter settings once to avoid unnecessary re-visits to re-do the filters each time one has to access the tasks.

Navigation Pane

Wherever you go and whatever you open on nTask, the navigation pane on the left-hand side is a permanent fixture which is there for you to sift between different modules on a single screen, making the navigation extremely hassle-free. 

Profile Settings

The stressfree journey of your daily, weekly, or monthly task management with nTask simply begins by signing up for free on the application and creating a personal profile.

Before you begin creating tasks and managing teams, you can give a quick visit to your Profile and sort any information that has been updated since the first time you signed up on nTask.

To manage your profile, log in to nTask and proceed as follows:

  • On the top-right of your screen, click on the profile icon.
  • Your Profile Settings menu will display.

Continue to the following section(s) as required.

1. Profile Settings

First things first, add a profile image to let everyone know who they are working with. To do this, simply click on the round circle where your image will be uploaded. To edit further information about your Name, Number and Job Role:

  • Click on Edit icon.
  • Add information as required.
  • Click Save to save new information or Click Cancel to discard changes.

Your personal information is set!

2. Account Preferences

Account preference settings essentially focus on the additional account settings that one might prefer.

The following settings can be accessed by clicking on Account Preferences:

  • Changing or modifying Language, Time zone, and First day of your working week, click on Localization
  • Gaining control over each individual notification, click on Notification Preferences and turn on or off the notifications as required.
  • In Personalization option, users can customize background patterns for their task board by uploading a personal image or choosing any pattern from nTask’s built-in library. 

Each change made in Account Preferences is updated and saved automatically.

3. Sign In and Security

The most critical part of any application is the security. nTask gives you the liberty to manage your sign in and security settings.

To manage your sign in and security settings, click on Sign In & Security from the toolbar on the left:

  • To activate Two-Factor Authentication mode, click Turn On.
  • To change your nTask password, click on Change Password.
  • Enter old and new password as required.
  • Click Change Password.

You’re secure!

4. Apps and Integrations – Coming Soon

One of the amazing application updates for nTask in future includes the integration with other applications.

You can integrate nTask with other apps if you want. Still under works, once the integrations are ready to function, users can further streamline their communication and workflow by connecting nTask to:

  • Slack (Coming Soon)
  • Outlook (Coming Soon)
  • Zapier (Coming Soon)
  • Google Calendar (Coming Soon)
  • Yahoo! Mail (Coming Soon)

These integrations will further reduce the clutter issues that you might be facing with task handling at multiple applications, consequently improving the efficiency of the work.

Visit nTask Guided Tour

Exploring your way around a new platform can be time-confusing, resulting in a trial-and-miss error, especially if dealing with a multitude of unfamiliar features all at once. To help simplify your transition to its platform, nTask provides a step-by-step guided tour that is fashioned out of short-info tips for easy understanding.

The best part about this Guided Tour is that users have the ability to end it on any step of the tour, depending on how far ahead they want to move. To start the Guided Tour:

  • Click on your Profile Name on the top right of your screen.
  • Select Guided Tour from the drop-down menu
  • Select the module you want to learn about

nTask guide at your service! 


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