Imagine working so hard to meet the weekly deadlines and keeping track of each hour spent on multiple tasks and projects, and then suddenly losing the record of all those hours logged in with such care and detail. Would be a shame, right? That's exactly where nTask comes to save the day!

nTask understands the significance of keeping an organized inventory of all your timesheets by providing two separate views for quick and easy accessibility.

List View

This is your default Timesheet board view setting that displays a list of every timesheet created on a weekly basis.

Users can access weekly timesheets from each by-gone month using the date range feature. Press the forward arrow to visit upcoming weeks. Similarly, press the previous arrow to visit old weeks.

Pending Approval Section

In nTask, once a timesheet has been created, team members can submit them for approval to their boss. It is then your boss’s responsibility to approve or disapprove each timesheet depending on his/her schedule. However, to eliminate confusion, nTask has a separate section for timesheets that have not been approved yet.

By clicking on Current View, project managers can quickly access all unapproved timesheets for the week instead of manually sifting through the entire month. After a list of unapproved timesheets appear, managers can approve the report by clicking on the small tick icon in green under Actions. Or, if something’s not adding up and the timesheet is not suited for approval, then click on the small cross next to the tick icon to reject the timesheet.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on We’d be happy to assist!