Workspace Roles and Permissions is basically the section in the “Workspace Settings” where you can see all of the clearances a member of the workspace has to access and change different elements of the workspace.

If you want to see which account has what privileges, you can do that, by completing the following steps.

  • Click the Workspace button and click the Workspace Settings button
  • Here you will have three options i.e. General Information, Users & Groups and Roles & Permissions
  • Click the Roles & Permission section and the section will appear on the right
  • Here you can see that all of the elements of the Workspace are listed including the Workspace itself and also the member type
  • The member types, as you can see, are Owner, Admin, Member and Limited Member
  • Every one of these member types has different control on the elements listed below
  • You can see all of the Roles and Permissions of the selected member upon clicking any one of elements
  • You will notice that the Owner has the most control and the Limited member has the least control
  • These preset member controls can’t be changed
  • If you want to make a custom member setting that will let you set custom roles and permission for them regarding each element, then you need to select the three vertical dots right next to the member box
  • Here you can Duplicate the permissions of any preset member and make a new member group which will have all of the specific controls you set for them

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on We’d be happy to assist!