Please follow these steps in order to migrate your personal workspace data to nTask 2.0.

⦁ Go to your Profile Icon on the top right.

⦁ From the drop-down select Profile Settings.

⦁ Open Apps & Integrations.

⦁ You will see a line item Personal Data with a Migrate Data button.

⦁ Click on the Migrate Data button. This will show you an alert pop-up. Read through the message and check I understand and accept.

⦁ Press the Proceed button from the bottom right of the pop-up.

⦁ This action will lead you to another prompt titled Create New Team. Type in desired Team name and URL for the new team and press Create.

⦁ You would now be requested to Create New Workspace. Type in desired workspace name and URL for the new Workspace and press Create.

⦁ Another pop-up titled ‘This action is permanent’ will follow. Go through the alert message, type in your nTask password and then press Move to initiate data migration.

⦁ In the last step, you will be shown a success message to confirm that the migration has completed. You can now go to the workspace and continue to nTask!

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on We’d be happy to assist!