A workspace is a collection of all of your projects and other work-related attachments, pooled in one location where you can analyze and control the workflow of your team regarding specific projects.

You will be prompted to make a workspace when you Sign up to nTask but If you are already working in a workspace and you want to create a new one, then this is what you have to do.


  • Go to your workspace main page
  • Click the workspace button and you will be presented with a slight popup
  • There are three things on here, Workspace Settings, Create Workspace and a list of all of the Workspaces, if you have more than one
  • Go to Create Workspace

  • The Add Workspace popup will appear
  • Here you can add the Workspace Name

  • Click “Create Workspace” and your workspace will be created

Upon clicking the button labeled “Create Workspace”, you will have multiple workspaces. You can switch from one to the other by clicking the workspace button and choosing the one you want to work on, by clicking it on the list.

That’s it! See how easy it was?