A workspace is a collection of all of your projects and other work-related attachments, pooled in one location where you can analyze and control the workflow of your team regarding specific projects.

You will be prompted to make a workspace when you Sign up to nTask but If you are already working in a workspace and you want to create a new one, then this is what you have to do.


  • Go to your workspace main page
  • Click the workspace button and you will be presented with a slight popup
  • There are Four things on here, User mangement, Workspace setting, Create Workspace and a list of all of the Workspaces, if you have more than one
  • Go to Create Workspace

  • The Add Workspace popup will appear
  • Here you can add the Workspace Name

  • Click “Create Workspace” and your workspace will be created


That’s it! See how easy it was?