A new invitation process has been introduced in nTask which allows users to join a team from within their nTask account.


A notification on the profile icon appears as soon as a user is invited to a team along with a pop up


Clicking on the profile icon and selecting the invitations tab displays a new pop up with a team name along with the name of the person who has sent the invite.

By clicking on the Accept button, the team will be joined but it will not navigate to the new team by itself.

You will have to click on the team dropdown to view the team you have recently been added to.

Clicking on the team name will display the content present inside the new team.

The people who do not have an nTask account will receive an e-mail in their inbox with a message prompting to click on a blue accept invitation button.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on support@ntaskmanager.com. We’d be happy to assist!