Integration With Zapier


Now you can make your life productive by connecting nTask with thousands of other tools your smart team uses with no hassle. With no technical skill required, you can connect nTask with 2,000+ tools using Zapier.


Set up a Zap:

A zap can be built that triggers an event in one of your apps which can be considered as an action to complete the workflow.

This structure allows you the flexibility of integrating nTask with Third-party applications. For example, a member of your team updating the priority to “critical” in nTask will trigger an event that will send an email to your email address as a reminder. Similarly, Events triggered in other apps can do the action of creating tasks in nTask.






1. To start the integration, first, visit the "Make a Zap!" page to get started

2. Authenticate your nTask account and the app you're integrating with

3. Select your trigger Event

4.  Select an Action to link it with the Trigger.

5. Name your Zap and turn the toggle on afterward. 



nTask Triggers


  • When a new project is created
  • When a new task is created
  • When a task is updated
  • When a new issue is created in a task
  • When the status of an issue is changed
  • When a new meeting is created in the task
  • When a new risk is created
  • When the status of the risk is changed
  • When new assignees are added to a task
  • When a new attachment is added to a task
  • When a new task checklist is added
  • When a new comment is created in a task
  • When a task is completed
  • When a task’s priority is changed
  • When a task’s status is changed


 nTask Actions


  • Create a new project
  • Create a new task
  • Update a task
  • Add Assignees to a task
  • Add Checklist to a task
  • Change the status of an issue
  • Change the status of a risk
  • Change the status of a task
  • Create a new comment in a task
  • Create an issue
  • Create a meeting
  • Create a risk


nTask Searches


  • Find Task
  • Find Issue
  • Find Risk





  • Create a new task on nTask for a new event on Calendly 


  • Add new BitBucket issue on nTask as an issue


  • Create a task on nTask for a new note on Evernote

  • Email tasks to nTask



To start using Zapier, sign up for an account!

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on We’d be happy to assist!