In this article we will see how to set the project description and functionalities of description editor. 

Once you have created your first project, click on the project to set its description.

Project Description

As you click the project, a popup will open to set the project details. 

To enter your project description, click 'Enter project description' box. 

Here you can write description of your project, add image, insert video, include table, text editor and many more to suit your needs. 

I filled project description example looks like in the image above, including text, video and table. 

Editor Specifications

Using the editor of project description, you can do the following:

  1. Bold the text
  2. Italic text
  3. Align text to left or right
  4. Include bullet points
  5. Insert link
  6. Insert image
  7. Upload video and preview video from link such as Vimeo, YouTube etc. 
  8. Emoticons
  9. Insert table
  10. Special characters
  11. Download and print in PDF
  12. Plus more text and paragraph editing. 

How to add an image in the Description of projects?

  • Click on the Description area
  • Hover over the image icon or use keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + P) to insert the image. 

  • You can include image by browsing your computer or by including a URL. 

See, adding image to your description is quite easy and quick. 

How to add a video to project description?

  • Hover to video icon and click.

  • You can include a video by URL for any platform like YouTube, Vimeo etc., Embed the video code, or upload from your computer

How to add a form in project description?

  • Go to the 'More Rich' icon in the description editor tab. 

  • A tray will open.

  • The tray will show table, emoticon, special character and horizontal line. Click on the 'table' icon.

  • Here you can choose the rows and columns for your table.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on We’d be happy to assist!