nTask enables you to include Custom Fields to your Risk Register under the Risk Management Module. In this article, you will learn what is custom fields and a brief description of each type of custom field. There are existing (pre-built) fields for you that are important for risk management, such as; due dates (planned and actual), risk status and risk likelihood percentages.

Note: Custom Fields are available in the Business Plan of nTask. If you are not on a Business Plan, you can try it free for 14-days. 

The above image shows the modal box of Custom Fields in Risk tab. Here you can do three actions:

1. Create New Field

2. Manage Fields (for previously created fields)

3. Existing Fields (for making edits)

The custom fields allow you to arrange data in the risk management register according to your business needs. 

You can create three types of New Custom Fields:

1. Create 'Dropdown' for selecting multiple options

2. Create 'Checklist' for breakdown the work of action

3. Create custom 'Matrix' for risk assessment with any rows and columns

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us on support@ntaskmanager.com or talk directly to our representative by booking a call here. We’d be happy to assist!