Add time to Tasks

Add time to Tasks

We are super considerate of your time here at nTask. So, to help you save your invaluable time on time tracking we have made the process much simpler and quicker for you. 
  • Click open the task you want to add time to.
  • The estimated time is the anticipated time a task should take to complete. Task owner, project owner, workspace admin and workspace owner can add/edit the estimated time a task will take to complete. 
To add estimated time to a task:
  • Press the down-ward pointing arrow next to ‘Start’.
  • Now click ‘Add task estimated time’. Enter the estimated time for the task here. Click ‘’ right next to it to lock the estimated time. 

  • The estimated time can be deleted by pressing the ‘X’ mark right in front of it.  
  • Manual time entry allows each of the task assignees to manually add the time they spent working on the task. This can be done by adding time in the ‘Manual Time Entry’ tab followed by a click on the ‘+’ button. 

  • nTask comes with an automatic task time tracker. Each of the task assignees can turn it on the moment they start working on the task. Once the timer is started, it will keep running in the background. Once the timer is stopped task effort will be logged in automatically. 

  • Total time is the net time a task has been worked on. This comprises the sum of all the effort put in by each of the team members towards the completion of the task. 

  • A workspace owner/admin has the ability to see who of the team members has put in how many hours towards the completion of the task. To view, the individual hours worked on the task by a specific resource, simply click on the downward pointing arrow right next to the team member’s name. Doing so will display a list of hours a team. You will also be able to see when the time was put in. 
Time tracked. Simple and nice!!!

Remember task assignees can add or adjust time just for themselves. Only the task owner, project owner, workspace admin, and workspace owner have the authority to add or edit time for other team members. 

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at We’d be happy to assist!

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