Changing Your Language in nTask (Multiple Languages/Localization)

Changing Your Language in nTask (Multiple Languages/Localization)


nTask is currently available in 7 Languages:

1. English

2. Arabic

3. German

4. Spanish

5. Portuguese

6. Chinese

7. French

Follow these steps to change your language in nTask application.

1. To switch to a different language, log in to nTask, then click on your avatar or initials in the top right corner of the dashboard to open your user menu (as shown in image below).

2. Select 'Profile Settings' from the tray.

3. Click on the 'Account Preferences' option from the lest side menu.

4. Select the language of your preference from the 'Language drop down' tab.

5. Click the button "Save Localization", to ensure your changes are saved. 

Please Note: Multiple Languages is in the Beta State for now. Feel free to share your feedback with our support team to make your localization experience better. Contact us at:

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