Getting Started With the All New nTask Projects

Getting Started With the All New nTask Projects

The nTask Projects have been revamped and improved user experience to make your project management journey even more productive. 

Important: Projects feature is available to Premium, Business and Enterprise subscribers of nTask only. If you are new to nTask, try it free for 14-days.

Here is a quick overview of the all new nTask Projects look:

1. Project Description

Now you will get the ability to define your projects more comprehensively. Give your projects a description, set the billing method, set project fee and choose the currency. The description section is loaded with rich text/code editor. 

2. Resource Management and Permissions

The all new projects look gives you more power to have a control on your project's resources. You can add resources to your project, set work capacity of each resource and set the permission level of each team member. Moreover, you can give them different roles which will be highlighted under there names. 

3. Task Management Inside the Projects

Now there is no need to switch your board to manage your tasks. Once you are in the projects view, you can create, assign and collaborate on tasks within the same window. 

There is more to task management in this latest update. You will get the ability to create:

  • Subtasks
  • Repeat tasks
  • To-do list items
  • Assign to-do list with due date
  • Create task dependencies
  • Log estimated time and calculate actual time spent on task
  • Import bulk tasks to project
  • and many more...

4. Set Milestones

Get the ability to set smaller goals called "Milestones", before the bigger project success at the close. Now you can set milestones all from your project view, and no need to jump to Gantt charts for setting milestones. Give your milestones a due date, and choose if you want to make it billable. 

5. Financial Summary

Empower your decision making with real-time project's financial summary updates. Get the financial progress of your projects with the metric you set for your projects. Moreover, you can set reminders for yourself if you reach your threshold level for project cost. 

6. Collaboration with Team

Now there is no need to use a team chat or any other team communication app. You collaborate with your team in real-time within your projects. Send live messages, set reply later messages, share files and tag team members to messaging. 

7. Document Management

We have made the document management hurdle for your projects a breeze. Now, you can can view, organize and download all your project related documents from one centralized place. 

8. Board View

To help make your project management journey a fun activity and to make it easier to have a bird's eye view, we introduced nTask Boards (Kanban Board view) for you projects. To learn more on nTask Boards, check out more resources here

We hope that you will love our latest projects and boards update. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach us out at

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