Duplicate a Task


Duplicating a task is very simple in nTask. It only takes you a couple of clicks to duplicate a task in nTask. 

Here is how you can create copies of your tasks. 

  • Go to Task Card from the task board
  • Click open the task you want to create a copy of.
  • Press ‘Ellipsis‘ three dots.
  • Select ‘Copy‘ from the drop-down menu. Doing so will create a copy of the task.
  • The new task will be named ‘Copy of *Name of the original task*‘.

Your new task is now ready for action.

Please note that the task duplication makes a copy of only the task details, task priority, and task checklist. Task duplication does not replicate the task assignee(s), start and end dates, task status, task comments, task meeting, task risks, task issues, task project association, task progress and the time added.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at support@ntaskmanager.com. We’d be happy to assist!