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Category: Timesheets and Timetracking

  • Add time manually

    Introduction How much time is being spent on each task and by whom? These are some of the important questions that need to be addressed for effective time management of any task or project. Team accountability is vital for efficient resource management as well. Here’s how you can manually log time effort for each of […]

  • Timesheet views in nTask

    Introduction nTask sorts the timesheets according to the workspace member role needs. So it offers three different views for timesheets depending on the user role requirements.  Time entry view This view is accessible by all of the users immaterial of their roles in the workspace. A team member can only access the time entry view.…

  • Timesheet Overview – Getting Started

    Introduction Timesheets can be used for recording the working hours of any employee with respect to work done on any particular task.To enter time in timesheets, the first thing that has to be done is to select a task. As soon as a task is selected by clicking on the Add Task button, an entirely new interface…