Integration with Outlook Calendar


Calendar integration feature will assist nTask users in managing their schedules in an efficient way by synchronizing nTask’s calendars with their personal Outlook Calendar. Important events and dates will never be missed because the calendars of both applications will be synced and users will be able to keep a track of to-be-addressed issues in an organized manner.

Sync Settings In nTask

To integrate nTask with Outlook Calendar, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Go to Profile settings > Apps & Integrations.
  • Click on the Connect button present in front of Outlook.

Following sync options will be shown for selecting the level at which this connection will be established:

  • Team selection
  • Workspace selection
  • Projects Calendar
  • Meetings Calendar
  • Individual tasks & Issues synchronization

Syncing Process

Once the levels at which synchronization is to be done are defined, a Calendar subscription URL will be generated. Users can establish a synced connection by copying this link and pasting it into Outlook’s calendar subscription field. After that, your synced meetings, tasks, projects and issues will be displayed on both calendars.

Sync Criteria

The system will only sync those items, which have due dates in the future. All those items, which have passed their due dates, will not be synced. The following scenarios will occur while sync will happen:

  • Projects: If a project has a future due date, it will be synced on its basis.
  • Meetings: If a meeting is planned for a future date, syncing will be done and it will be displayed on Outlook’s Calendar. Also, if a meeting does not have any date, then it will not be synced.
  • Tasks & Issues: All those tasks and issues which have a future planned or actual date will be synced. But, in case a task does not have any actual start and end date, then syncing will not happen.

Disabling Synchronization

You can disable this sync just by turning off the toggle. A confirmation will be shown to you asking for approval to stop the syncing process. Once you will confirm it, syncing will halt.

Deleting a Connection

You can delete a connection by using the delete option. A confirmation will be shown to you asking for approval to remove the sync. Once you will confirm it, the established sync will be deleted.

Note: The user will always be able to change the saved options at which synchronization was established initially. Also, an option to create a new sync at any desired level will also be given in the same area.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at We’d be happy to assist!