Add details to a Risk


Projects are frequently derailed due to foreseeable but unmanaged risks. nTask allows you to be able to effectively keep a detailed track of all the risks that can influence your project. A risk without details added to it serves no great purpose.

Here’s how you can add details to your project risks.

Method 1

  • Open the ‘Risk‘ you want to add details to.
  • Select a task to associate the risk with.
  • Choose an ‘Impact‘ for the risk.
  • Select ‘% likelihood‘ for the risk.
  • Select a ‘Status‘ for the risk.
  • Finally, add a description of the risk.

Method 2

This is a quicker way to add details to a risk.

  • Open the Risk Board.
  • Go to the risk you want to add updates to.
  • Choose a status for the risk from the drop-down menu.
  • Select a task associated to the risk.
  • Choose an ‘Impact‘ for the risk.
  • Select ‘% likelihood‘ for the risk.
  • Finally, select a Risk Owner. And you are done.

You have quickly added details to your risks.

Remember, you can always visit this section and change each setting at any point in your project.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at We’d be happy to assist!