Add search filter to Meetings


We totally understand how hard it can get for you to lookup for a specific meeting out of all your scheduled meetings. Instead of pulling your hair off the head, you can simply filter out the desired meeting saving yourself valuable time and energy for something more productive. nTask allows you to filter your tasks from a wide range of sorting parameters.

Follow these easy steps to add and save search filters for your meetings in nTask.

Add a filter to a Meeting

  • Press the ‘Filters’ icon.
  • Choose a filtering parameter to apply. You can sort your meetings based on any or all of these filtering parameters:

                     You can filter meetings by participants.

                     You can filter meetings by the team members who created them.

                     You can filter meetings by their statuses.

                     You can filter meetings by the task they are identified with.

                     You can filter meetings by their due dates.

                     You can filter tasks by their recurrence statuses.

  • Click ‘Search’ to apply the filter.

Save a filter

You can also save the filter to spare yourself the time and trouble of repeating the same procedure all over again.

  • Press ‘Save Filter’. Type in a name for the filter and click on the ‘Save Filter’ to save the filter for later use.

And that’s it. Nice & sorted!!

Please note that all your saved filters can be accessed by clicking the ‘Saved Filters‘ tab on the bottom left corner of the display.

If there’s anything you feel needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at We’d be happy to assist!