Can you duplicate Projects in nTask?

This article will guide you about the duplication of Projects in nTask.

Projects can be duplicated and new starting dates can also be set since a project’s starting and ending dates are based on the dates of its associated tasks. 

  • You may copy a project by clicking on the ellipsis (three dots icon) as shown in the screenshot.
  • You can also move Projects from one workspace to the other by selecting Move.
  • A project can be further divided into tasks and then tasks can be further divided into “To-Do list” items.

Note: To-Do list items do not have a direct relationship with a project, instead, the completion of a task is dependent on the “To-Do list” items in nTask.

  • A Project can be duplicated and the tasks associated with it also appear in the copy. 
  • Similarly moving a project from one workspace to the other causes the associated tasks to move along with it.

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