The Resource Workload in nTask encompasses the comprehensive process of effectively planning, scheduling, and allocating tasks in order to maximize efficiency.

How to create a new task in Resource Workload ?

Team Owner and Team Admins can create a new task from the resource workload dashboard by selecting Add New tab. Add a title and assign users to the task and at the end select Create Task.

  • After creating a task, it will be displayed under the assignee’s profile. To view the task, click on the assignee’s name to expand and access the task details.

How to create a task in Resource Workload?

Team Owners and Team Admins can access the Resource Workload tab by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the main menu panel.
  • Click on the Resource Workload tab.

Once a task is created, make sure to set the Planned Start/End dates for the task. This will update the resource workload timeline accordingly, reflecting the changes as illustrated below:

When hovering over the task bar, a pop-up will appear with two editing options:

  • Adjusting the duration of the task based on the Planned Start/End dates.
  • Modifying the effort allocated to the task, taking into account the Estimated Time provided in the task detailed view.

Modifying the level of effort invested in the task will impact the timeline, as depicted by the transition of the light green bar to a darker shade, as illustrated below:

To ensure effective prioritization of work, it is important to assess capacity in various ways:

  • Hours: Determine the amount of available time for each team member.
  • Tasks: Evaluate the number of tasks assigned to a resource on a specific day.

Only Team owners and Team Admins have the ability to assign tasks to team members based on their capacity bar, which can be accessed to bring up the modal for task allocation.

Note: The weekly capacity will be evenly distributed across the timeline, following the work schedule defined in the Team and Workspace settings.

How to Modify Planned Start/End dates by dragging on the timeline?

To move and modify the task date within the timeline, you can follow these steps:

  • Perform a long click on the task bar.
  • Move the task bar to the desired date on the timeline.
  • The duration of the task will remain the same.
  • The start and end dates of the task will be automatically updated as you move the task bar.
  • Place the task bar back onto the timeline.
  • The dates will be promptly updated to reflect the new position of the task bar.

How to Manage Assigned Tasks for Resources?

Team Owners & Team Admins have the privilege of accessing the tasks assigned to their resources. By clicking on the profile icon, an expanded view reveals all the assigned tasks specifically allocated to individual team members. By having this information readily available, they can efficiently manage and monitor the distribution of tasks, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

As shown in the below screenshot you can also click on the arrow to expand and view all the tasks that have been assigned to a particular resource.

Unassigned Tasks in Resource Workload:

Scheduled Tasks having Planned Start/End dates but unassigned are visible under the Unassigned tab.

Unscheduled Tasks in Resource Workload:

If you notice that assigned tasks are not visible within your view, it is likely because they have not been scheduled yet. To address this, we have a dedicated sidebar where you can view all unscheduled tasks, ensuring that no tasks are overlooked or missed.

Team Owner and Team Admins have the ability to assign unscheduled tasks to any team member by simply dragging and dropping them onto the work calendar. This action will allocate the task to the respective member for the following day.

How to manage Unscheduled Tasks?

  • Select unscheduled task from the list.
  • Drag and drop the task from the list to any part of the timeline.
  • On dropping in the workload calendar the task will be automatically scheduled to that day for particular resource.
  • Unscheduled task can also be scheduled by the drag & drop method on resource profile icon.

How to personalise your Resource Workload?

The resource workload offers a range of diverse views and filters that can be applied as shown below. These views can increase the efficiency of your work and optimize progress of your tasks.

  • Hours (h)
  • Percentages (%)
  • Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)

How to apply Filters on Workload Timeline?

Filters can be applied on the resource workload timeline to refine the view. These filters include:

  • Workspaces:
  • Projects:
  • Resources:

How to Change Settings in Resource Workload?

In the settings panel, there are various views to modify the appearance of the workload timeline. The options enables changing the color of tasks based on different criteria.

  • Status: Tasks are displayed in the timeline based on their current status, enabling to quickly identify Not started, In-process, In-review, Completed, or Cancelled tasks.
  • Priority: Tasks are prioritized and presented in the timeline according to their assigned priority levels, allowing to focus on high-priority tasks and ensure efficient resource allocation.
  • Task Color: Tasks are presented in the timeline according to the assign custom colors to tasks, making it easier to differentiate and track specific tasks throughout the timeline.

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