Card/Task Settings in nTask Board View


Looking to view all of your important task details in one, compact location? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created the Cards View with exactly this in mind, to allow you to view all your important task details in one very visual, gallery-like display.

In this article, you will learn about the task/card settings in the Kanban Board view.

1. Navigate to any board in the Board tab.

2. Click on one of your boards and the landing page should show your different task statuses in columns.

3. Hover your cursor over to any task and you will see the vertical ellipsis icon, Clicking on this will allow you to edit the details of our task, add a featured image, change colors, copy, archive, and delete your task.

4. The tray will show the following items:

  • Edit Details
  • Add Feature Image
  • Color
  • Copy Task
  • Archive Task
  • Delete Task

Let’s have a look at these in detail.

1. Edit Details: When you click on ‘Edit Details’ the task popup will open where you can give task details such as due dates, assign tasks to a team member, comment on a task, create a to-do list, give task description, start task timer,  change priority, change status, and more.  

2. Add Feature Image: In order to give a unique look to your tasks, or to break the clutter for your important tasks, you can add a featured image to your tasks. Once you click on the ‘Add Feature Image’ a dialogue box will open as seen in the mage below. 

i. You can add any image you want from your computer with drag and drop, or by clicking on the desktop icon and selecting an image from the file. 

ii. You can select any image from our Library to set as the feature image of your card/task. Click on the image and press the button ‘Add Feature Image’. 

The featured image will be shown with the task as shown in the image above. 

3. Color: You can select a color for your task. 

You can give your task a color from these ten preset colors or give your own color code in ‘#’ tab. 

4. Copy Task: You can create a copy for the task with just a click. The copy task will start with the title “Copy of …” and be added to the status column. 

5. Archive Task: You can put your tasks on Archive List if you don’t need the task on the board and even don’t want to delete it. You can unarchive tasks at any time and bring them back on the board. Check out this resource to archive tasks. 

6. Delete Task: If you don’t want a task anymore in your board or list. You can delete a task by clicking ‘Delete Task’. A dialogue box will appear to ask for confirmation. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach our support team at: