Getting Started with nTask Boards (Kanban Boards)


Kanban is a useful project management technique that aims to manage work by prioritizing tasks and balancing demands according to available capacity. It helps us see all tasks at a glance and make sure we’re best utilizing our resources. One of the oldest and most popular techniques, Kanban can be used for a wide range of industries due to its simple structure and flexibility! 

Kanban Boards is the latest feature introduced in the nTask all-in-one project management software. It gives users the ease to manage tasks and projects in a Board View

Board View:

The Board view helps users to work in a more interactive way with their teams of any size. You can easily assign tasks, and move them across your defined funnel in nTask Boards. 

How to Start using nTask Board?

If you are a Premium, Business, or Enterprise user, you can go to the Board Tab beside the Projects. If you are on a Basic Free plan, then you first need to Upgrade to a Premium or Business plan or start a 14-Days Free Trial to test this feature. 

Once your Boards are unlocked, you will see some boards by default on the name of your Projects. 

Remember: Projects and Boards are interlinked. If you create a Project, a Board by the same name will also be created in the Board view.

How to Populate Tasks to your Board?

1. Click and go to your board. First, you will see an empty board with Status as columns/list.

2. Click on the Board icon in any of your columns. 

3. You will see a new column will appear with the title “Unassigned Tasks“. This column will show all the unassigned tasks that are available in your workspace. You can easily sort and populate tasks in the respective columns (statuses) with drag & drop functionality. 

4. Once all the tasks are populated in your board, you are good to start managing your projects and tasks in a Board View with nTask.

5. If you have a long list of tasks, you can easily search them in the search tile by their title or status (as shown in the image above). 

Important: nTask Board or Kanban Board is a Premium Feature. All users in Premium and Business accounts can use it. If you are currently on the Basic plan, Try out Premium/Business Free for 7-days.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us through the chat box. Also, you can write to us at We’d be happy to assist!