nTask Board Settings


A board is a place where your workflows come to life! Think of it as a virtual whiteboard where you can keep track of all of your tasks. Not only this, but boards are fully interactive and collaborative, so you and your team can work together to get things done.

On the latest version of nTask, we have added three new features for our business users: 

  1. Customizable Board Background
  2. Card Detail Panel
  3. Email To Task 

All these new functionalities can be utilized in the ‘Board Settings.’

To navigate this feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

 1.  From the left sidebar menu, select ‘Boards’

  2. On the top right corner, click on the ‘Settings’ icon

3.  A panel will appear from the right part of the screen. Now, you can choose whether you’d like to make changes to the Background, Card Settings, or Email to Task.


With this latest feature, users can now personalize the background of the Kanban Board. Options range from choosing a Project Status Color to uploading a custom background that allows users to drag and drop an image from their device.

To use this feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

 1. From the Board Settings, select ‘Background’

 2. Under the ‘Gallery’ tab, you can change the background of the Kanban Board by choosing a project status color, then tick the box where it says ‘Use Project Status Color’

  3. You can also search and choose any photo online by using the search bar provided.

4. Under the ‘Custom Background’ tab, you can opt to upload an image from your device. Please take note of the supported format and maximum file size.

 5.   Tick the box where it says ‘Apply Background for All’ if you want the selected color/image to be set default for all users. This option is available for both ‘Gallery’ and ‘Custom Background’

Card Settings

This new feature allows you to manage the information you want to see on the ‘cards’ of your task. It displays a grid view of each card that lets you view task details like creator, planned dates, assignees, featured image, to-do list count, subtask count, issue count, risk count, attachment count, comment count, and meeting count.

To use this feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

 1. From the Board Settings, select ‘Card Settings’

 2.  Simply toggle the icon across each piece of information you wish to turn on/off. Turning these on will allow you to display any information you wish to see on the cards.

3. Tick the box where it says ‘Apply Settings for All’ if you want the selected settings to be set default for all users.

Email to Task

nTask loves getting your job done in a few simple steps! One of the newest features our users can take advantage of is the automated conversion of emails into tasks. Users can easily send the task name, task description, and due date of a task to their assignees via email without even leaving the platform!

To use this feature, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. From the Board Settings, select ‘Email to Task’

  2.  Copy the provided URL by clicking on ‘Copy’ and share the link with the assignees

3. You can click on ‘Generate New Email Address’ to create and send another task

4.  Make sure to follow the format of the ‘Sample Email’

a.      Subject of the email: Task Name

b.      Body of the email: Task Description

c.       Due date format: <due mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM>

d.      Assignee format: <assign me/email>

Note: nTask Boards is one of the Premium and Business features introduced as an all-in-one project management software.

If there’s anything you feel that needs a more extensive demonstration, you can write to us at support@ntaskmanager.com. We’d be happy to assist